Conditions and treatment pathways

Anxiety, Mood (Depression), Burnout & Sleeping Problems

Uncover root causes of mood symptoms, depression anxiety as well as the consequences of chronic high stress and burnout and solutions tailored for you based on the latest evidence and treatments in integrative cannabinoid medicine.  Find the cause of sleeping difficulties that may be making you feel tired and foggy or reliant on caffeine during the daytime.

Perimenopause/Menopause Hormonal health

Balance irregularities in hormones to alleviate symptoms like fatigue, low mood, anxiety, sleeping issues, hot flushes,  irregular periods, brain fog, and other perimenopausal symptoms as well as weight gain using a holistic evidence-based approach including body identical HRT therapy, non drug approaches, cannabinoid medicines and other medication and natural options to effectively treat symptoms the way you want to.

Women’s Health

Get the root causes and Improve symptoms of women’s health issues, balance hormones, improve period health and reduce stress-induced flares using an integrative medicine approach combining natural evidence based interventions with medications where needed, including alternatives to hormonal birth control (the Pill) and for those who may be progestin sensitive (ie have negative reactions to contraceptive medications and devices containing progestin)

Chronic Fatigue, ME, Long Covid & Chronic Lyme

We specialise in chronic fatigue spectrum illnesses.  These cause severe disability and low quality of life.  They cause symptoms such as severe brainfog and neurocognitive issues, mood problems, unrestful sleep, problems thinking and can include migrating pain and other hard to define symptoms.  These  conditions have now been proven to involve immune system dysfunction and mitochondrial problems (our cell energy powerhouses) and are not purely ‘mental disorders’ although they do involve the brain.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can have many forms and causes including nerve pain, pain from an injury, inflammation pain, or a combination of central nervous system pain and pain in a specific part of the body.  Chronic pain doesn’t just involve the sensation of pain but has a profound effect on the brain’s ability to regulate our mood, anxiety levels, sleep and enjoyment of life.  It can also cause profound fatigue.  Chronic pain significantly impaires quality of life and conventional pain drugs alone are rarely effective or have significant side effects.   

Digestive issues

Uncover the cause of ongoing symptoms and effectively treat IBS symptoms, manage conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease to decrease flare ups and get control of symptoms with less side effects from medications.  Heal leaky gut and improve healthy gut flora as well as rule out chronic gut infections that may be causing multiple symptoms

Autoimmune disease

Get an integrative medicine plan to lower the inflammation that exacerbates symptoms and prevent and manage flares to increase energy and help you feel well.  Uncover root causes/contributing factors such as gut inflammation and issues and chronic infections and treatments to improve these aspects that can contribute to the disease and your symptoms.

New Mums

Get support for the 4th trimester, during the postpartum period after you give birth and beyond into the early years of motherhood from an integrative medicine specialist physician who is also a mum herself.   Help you in this time of great change when you need it most to relieve uncertainty and confusion around what you should or shouldn’t do, or how to tailor lifestyle, medical or dietary needs to this period, how to improve energy levels, mood and maintain balance on a time-restricted schedule as a new mum. 

Metabolic health

Improve metabolic  and heart health markers like blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure and manage weight with cutting edge personalised precision and functional medicine approaches to reverse metabolic disease from root causes and reduce medications in many cases. This is suitable for diabetes and pre-diabetes as well as those having trouble with their weight management or keeping weight off easily without crash diets or excessive/exhaustive exercise.



  • 30m Initial Discovery – Dr Gordon – £150
  • 30m Cannabis Assessment – Dr Metastasio – £150
  • 60m – Dr Gordon – £299
  • 60m – Dr Metastasio – £299
  • 30m 1st follow up – £150